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We’re here to help troubleshoot and solve any speed bumps you may encounter. We're available via chat Monday-Friday between 9 AM to 6 PM. Outside of those times, we are pretty quick with email: [email protected]

Can I stop using TableMi’s services?

Generally our customers stay with us for a very long time. But it's always possible to cancel your subscription. If you pay monthly, you can stop use our services at any moment starting from next month. For yearly customers it's possible to cancel the subscription but there is no refund for unused months.

Is there any limitations on the number of reservations or orders I can receive each month?

No, you can receive any number of reservations and/or orders. There is no any hidden costs in case you receive a huge amount of reservations / orders.

Is there any additional fees such as setup fees, website maintenance fees or others?

No, we don't have any "hidden" fees

How I will be notified about new reservations, orders, new guests reviews?

For reservations and orders you can be notified by sms. When you start to use our mobile app, you will be notified by mobile notifications; for new reviews - by mobile notifications

What are payment types?

Usually we prefer automatic payments by RIB. For annual plan we can accept payment by chèque.

On which platforms your mobile app can work?

For the moment you can download our iOS application; In near future we will support Android.

If I have my own domain, can I use it?

Sure. In this case we need to make some settings in order to point your domain to our servers. You can transfer your domain to our registrar OR you can make some settings by yourself OR you can get us your domain credentials and our engineers will setup everything for you.

If I don't have an iPhone, can I use your services?

Sure, we will notify you by sms and you still can confirm / refuse orders / notifications. We also can send you weekly reports about your restaurant statistics.

Can I buy a new domain? How much does it cost?

Usually a domain costs about 14€ for the 1st year and between 10-20€ for following years.

Is it possible to use a mobile app by multiple persons (I have multiple managers or waiters in my restaurant)?

Yes, it's possible to create multiple accounts for 1 restaurant. In this case, every user the app will be notified about new reservations and orders. Additionally, we can send new orders/reservations notifications by sms and by mobile notifications.

If I will decide to stop using your services, can I keep my domain?

Yes, we can transfer your domain to your new registrar. Usually this service costs about 10€

Which kind of information I need to provide?

Restaurant photos, restaurant/cuisine type, short restaurant description, your menu (we prefer a pdf version with a possibility to copy the text), your average bill and you can precise if you have some dishes you don't cook for takeaway orders

Can I edit in future some elements on my website?

Yes, you can edit some information such as news using your mobile app ; in order to edit other information such as restaurant description, photos or menu you can send us an email at [email protected]

How much time does take the website creation?

If we have all information we need about your restaurant, the website creation and all setup process usually takes 48 hours. We start to charge you only after your website is online

Is TableMi is available in other languages?

For the moment we support english, french, chinese and russian. We are working hard to support other languages. If you would like to see your language supported, send us an email and let us know.

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